Crafting light is like crafting anything. It'll take a strong dedication, and some even might say obsession for perfection to details that no one might notice other than it's creator. 

Meet Gwen! She is a stunning model here in Portland Maine who is gonna turn this town upside down. She and I had talked about her mini-session with me and I wanted to craft something for her that was simple and clean with my standard sharp crisp details.  I found a red backdrop that I felt would contrast her skin tone and draw the viewer into her eyes yet keep her approachable and soft with a bit of mystery. The brown is my favorite since you all know I just love that espresso!  

I would say that my mini-model portfolio session with Gwen was not only fun, (you'll see those gorgeous authentic laughing frames sprinkled throughout) but also a success in giving Gwen some images that she will book off of! 

I'm an Internationally Published Photographer from Los Angeles and now in Portland Maine. I own a Small Digital Creative Agency with clients from the West Coast to East Coast. I've been doing Photography for a couple years now, but have a long history in Film/Television and Radio. I'm pretty passionate about espresso and making latte art. Follow me on Instagram (SurJones) to see a peak instead a my daily hustle!