I know you saw what I did there. Vegan Green Split Pea Soup. Objective. Keep lighting consistent, but change the mood of the actually green, without adding any additional lighting. 

I have 6 shots I think are cookbook ready. 


4C Green Split Peas
8 Un-Chicken Bullion Cubes
1 Large Onion
2 Handfull Baby Carrots Cut in Halves
6 Garlic Cloves cut In Halves
S&P to Taste (just after done cooking)
1t Curry Powder (cumin is good as well)
H20 Fill about 3" above ingredients
Pressure cook for 20mins on Med. (Breville Fast Slow Cooker)

Garnish with Better Than Sour Cream, and Olives :)

Hope you like the food photography and the the way I create the challenges and the recipes :)


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