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Our Flesh Vs. Our Flesh

Patrick JonesComment

Did you know there are exactly - (as of August 26th 2014 7:48pm)  7,256,514,323 - We have so many that feel lost and disconnected when they have a human-being currently wrapping their arms around them. 

Tonight I read these lyrics. 

"Everyone needs compassion
A love that's never failing
Let mercy fall on me"

What quickly got me questioning,  "what impact I have in this world? What do I matter? How do I matter? 

If we were all focused on loving and helping each up and out from the gutters (wether we do something and put ourselves in the gutters, or if life happens and it puts us there.). Now I am not talking about taking a challenge to spread awareness, but to really help those around we can absolutely touch and personally see transformation.


Life is too short to just seek our own things. It's time we start... NO it's time I start to give more compassion. It's time I start to give a love that never fails, and extend mercy that falls on me. 

I know this is a personal reflection. Maybe it's more me typing out the "mirror" me, or perhaps as you sit and read this you read something that strikes a string. Seek out someone who "compassionately loves to give mercy" and give to them, and receive. Healer and find the Healer.


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